Plotting 101

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

So after reading Libbie Hawker’s outlining book Take Off Your Pants! I decided to check out John Truby’s The Anatomy of Story.  She had recommended it so highly that I had to see what the hype was about. While Libbie Hawker’s book is good for those that just need to get a better handle on plotting their books, John Truby’s book is a more encompassing guide for beginning writers. If you’re not sure where to start with writing full-length novels or films this could be a good place to start getting ideas. There are a lot of examples used to try to help you understand. If you’re not a beginner though you’re probably already familiar with a lot of the stuff that he covers in this book.  Write a scene where your character learns something new from familiar examples.

Keep Dreaming Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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