Internet Inspiration: LGBT History Month

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

In my experience, when you are part of a minority it can be hard to feel connected to history. In school, the only time I learned about gay history was when it was a tragedy of some sort, and even then it was something that I would have to dig into on my own to get any real information. That’s why things like Black History Month and LGBT History month are necessary. This month is LGBT History month, and I encourage you to seek out the stories that this month is meant to highlight. I found this website that recognizes historic achievements for the community. And I’ve written on here previously about an app called Quist that gives a daily history for the LGBT community. Find a story that you can connect with and try write something that relates to it. Maybe write a scene that educates one of your characters about something in LGBT history. Or one that shows why history needs to be taught with more diversity in mind.

Keep Dreaming Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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  1. Good points. I know one question is why there isn’t a “white history month.” For me, it’s because white history month is every month, at the expense of history of other groups, including LGBTQ+ people.


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