Stacking Worlds

Hello Beautiful Thinkers, 

I’m reading a book called A Darker Shade of Magic. In it there are four different worlds that the character can travel through and in all four the city of London exists. There are specific rules about the way that the character can travel between worlds including what order you can move between them. He says the worlds are stacked like paper on top of each other. It’s a pretty interesting concept to be sure. Today write a scene that creates your own way of traveling between worlds. What are the rules? If you don’t like the idea of writing multiple worlds, write a scene where your character plans a specific route of travel. Why did your character select this route? What attractions are on the route or what threats are on the alternative routes that your character would like to avoid? Where is your character going? 

Keep Dreaming Beautiful Thinkers, 

The Boy In The Heart Shades 

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