Wishing For Justice 

Hello Beautiful Thinkers, 

At one of my jobs I am a trainer. This means that I’m seen as an authority figure without actually having any authority. So my co-workers occasionally bring problems to me. When they are work related, it’s easy to tell them how to fix it or who can help them fix it. When they’re personal, I find myself not knowing what to do. Someone came to me with the problem of another employee making them feel uncomfortable. And after I tell them to bring the problem to actual authorities genuinely hoping that the problem will be seen to, nothing happens. This leaves me wishing for some sort of justice that will never come. I hope that karma will come for the wrong doer but have no way of knowing that it will happen. Write a poem about the desire for justice. Is it fulfilled in your situation? If not, express your feelings of disappointment or dissatisfaction. 

Keep Dreaming Beautiful Thinkers, 

The Boy In The Heart Shades 

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