Poetic Forms: The Ghazal

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

This week I’m bringing you all the Ghazal again. A traditional Ghazal consists of five to fifteen couplets. A refrain appears at the end of both lines of the first couplet and at the end of the second line in each succeeding couplet. So that will look something like 1R,1R/A,1R/B,1R/C,1R/D,1R as the pattern persists. It will continue for as many stanzas as you want till the fifteenth. Now that is just the traditional rules. If you hit fifteen and you still feel you’ve got lines in you keep writing. Even if you end up cutting some of them in later drafts of the poem you should follow your inspiration. There aren’t any syllable counts or meters to worry about with this form. Just see where that refrain will take you.

Keep Dreaming Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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