Internet Inspiration: Advanced Bandaging

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

The gif set I’ve attached below shows a new medical gel that is being worked on. I think that this is particularly cool because it reminds me of a bandaging material used in some science fiction stories. I always love when science fiction inventions become real life inventions. Today think about what medical inventions you want for our future. Write a story that revolves around a medical invention that you’d want either for yourself or one of your characters.

tumblr_ojodywhw4t1v53vrbo1_400 tumblr_ojodywhw4t1v53vrbo2_400 tumblr_ojodywhw4t1v53vrbo3_400 tumblr_ojodywhw4t1v53vrbo4_400 tumblr_ojodywhw4t1v53vrbo5_400 tumblr_ojodywhw4t1v53vrbo6_400 tumblr_ojodywhw4t1v53vrbo7_400 tumblr_ojodywhw4t1v53vrbo8_400 tumblr_ojodywhw4t1v53vrbo10_400 tumblr_ojodywhw4t1v53vrbo9_400

Keep Dreaming Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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