The Lights of Life

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

The photos of the Earth at night, taken by NASA, have such a cool look to them. To see the light of areas so highly populated glowing like that almost looks like magic. Also to see the dark areas that aren’t well populated or are even unsuitable for human life, makes me wonder what could be out there in that dark. But don’t let my fantasy obsessed brain stick you in a single idea. Check out these pictures and let them inspire you. What do they inspire in you? Can you work a view like this into a story? Write a scene inspired by these images in some way.

tumblr_o2a2btwslj1u38l26o2_540 tumblr_o2a2btwslj1u38l26o3_540 tumblr_o2a2btwslj1u38l26o4_540 tumblr_o2a2btwslj1u38l26o5_540 tumblr_o2a2btwslj1u38l26o6_540

Keep Dreaming Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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  1. this looks so pretty


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