Internet Inspiration: Describing Your Best Understanding

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

My friend sent me this text post the other day that was someone giving their best description of football as they understood it. I’ve pasted it below for your enjoyment. But there is actually something to this as a concept. There are times when we have to explain things that we don’t full understand ourselves. While it would probably be better to simply say “I have no idea how that works” a lot of us give it our best shot. Take inspiration from the text post below, write a scene where your character explains something he doesn’t fully understand to the best of his ability.

“this is my grasp of how football works: two teams of men want the ball very badly but are incapable of sharing it. one team attempts to deliver the ball to their holy ground while the other attempts to prevent this. occasionally an evil man will appear and speak curses to the men, causing them grief and dishonor”

Keep Dreaming Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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