Origami Street Art

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

So I’ve seen very impressive paper art and very impressive street art but I don’t recall ever seeing the two in combination. That’s the exact combination that French street artist Mademoiselle Maurice used with this collection of origami street art. These works of art are gorgeous but I can’t help but think about the brevity of them. I imagine the paper art will suffer damage of the elements more than other materials might. Write about something that though it can’t last very long is beautiful in the time it does exist.

tumblr_o5l2h2ns2m1rte5gyo1_540 tumblr_o5l2h2ns2m1rte5gyo2_540 tumblr_o5l2h2ns2m1rte5gyo3_540 tumblr_o5l2h2ns2m1rte5gyo4_540 tumblr_o5l2h2ns2m1rte5gyo5_540

Keep Dreaming Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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