Internet Inspiration: Knowing Your History

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

There was this after one of the Olympic Tennis matches where a reported commented that Andy Murray was the first person to win two gold metals for America. His response was “I’m pretty sure Venus and Serena Williams have four each.” I love that he knew the history of his sport and I especially love that he had no problem correcting that reporter for overlooking two very accomplished female athletes. That moment could have gone very Sam Smith at his acceptance speech assuming he’s the only gay man who ever won. There is no mercy online for people who don’t know their cultures history. The sad thing is that most history isn’t taught in school. We have to find it ourselves. I’ve found an app called Quist that gives me a daily history of what happened in the LGBT community. I’ve found some really interesting facts out that I never would have otherwise learned. Write a scene in which it is important that your character to know the history of a certain group he belongs to. Is it a something like LGBTQ history or Black history? Or is it something specific to his profession like the tennis gold medalist?

Keep Dreaming Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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