Foraged Art

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

Graphic designer Matt W. Moore is known for his interest in mandalas. (These are geometric figures representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism.) He’s made a good deal of them using the more traditional art medium of paint and canvas. The work from his project below was created entirely out of items he found in nature. He used these items with extreme precision to create the beautiful patterns below. I can certainly see how these are inspired by the art of mandalas they definitely have a feeling of mysticism to me. I could easily see these being used as the set up of complex magical rituals in stories. Write a story inspired by these pieces. Will you be joining me in the fantasy idea of magical rituals or just be using the idea of your character foraging for something in nature to use in a new way?

tumblr_oazdp9ZYui1rte5gyo2_540 tumblr_oazdp9ZYui1rte5gyo5_540 tumblr_oazdp9ZYui1rte5gyo8_540 tumblr_oazdp9ZYui1rte5gyo9_540 tumblr_oazdp9ZYui1rte5gyo10_540

Keep Dreaming Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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