Messing With Time

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

So this week I read Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. So without giving too much away the story revolves around time travel. I both love and hate time travel as a story device. On the one hand, I love that it gives us a chance to play the “what if” game. What would change as a result of one tiny change in the past? But on the other hand, it can some times feel like using time travel is a way to revisit old stories instead of exploring something new. For today I’m gonna say embrace the fun part of time travel. Play the “what if” game with your characters. Do your characters actually have time travel abilities in this scene or are you taking charge as the writer to change something in the past? If it is your character’s doing what’s motivating them to go back? What do they want to change? If they succeed what unforeseen changes do they make?

Keep Dreaming Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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