“Bow Ties Are Cool”

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

Anyone that’s a Doctor Who fan probably has a special place in their heart for bow ties. These bow ties from Speicher Bow Tie Company come with especially fun patterns for those of us that love the nerdy side of pop culture. Check out the full selection at using the link above. Write a scene that includes a character who frequently wears bow ties or features an occasion to which your character would wear a bow tie.

tumblr_o6uvqjQxD31qas1mto2_540 tumblr_o6uvqjQxD31qas1mto4_540 tumblr_o6uvqjQxD31qas1mto5_400 tumblr_o6uvqjQxD31qas1mto6_400 tumblr_o6uvqjQxD31qas1mto7_400 tumblr_o6uvqjQxD31qas1mto8_400 tumblr_o6uvqjQxD31qas1mto10_540

Keep Dreaming Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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