Raising A Superhero

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

There is a new comic available online called Raising Dion. Only the first issue has been brought out so far but they are working towards the next assuming they can make enough profit from the first. I really love the concept of this one. The main character is a woman named Nicole who is trying to raise her seven-year old son as a single mother. The part that makes things even more complicated is that her son has several super powers. So along with the normal worries of a single mother Nicole has to protect Dion from mysterious organizations as well as the temptation to use his powers for the wrong reasons. The first issue is available for free digital download but if you like it and wish to support the creators buying a hard copy will help them make it to the second issue. Either way, take inspiration from this story. Write a story about a child that has a powerful future ahead of him. What are the risks associated with knowing that this child has power? What does it take to make sure the child is brought up well? How does knowing the child is bound for greatness influence his youth?

Keep Dreaming Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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