Wearing Your Favorite Paintings

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

Thank goodness that I have no money because I would end up spending it all on the Internet. My latest new item I wish I could afford is the Artcessories by BlueBurton on Etsy. Classic works of art have made their way onto these bracelets and other items on this Etsy store. Take inspiration from these items. Pick a classic work of art that you love and find a way to work its colors, themes, or images into a character’s look.

tumblr_o805pmCUjH1qas1mto3_1280 tumblr_o805pmCUjH1qas1mto4_1280 tumblr_o805pmCUjH1qas1mto5_1280 tumblr_o805pmCUjH1qas1mto6_1280 tumblr_o805pmCUjH1qas1mto7_1280 tumblr_o805pmCUjH1qas1mto8_1280 tumblr_o805pmCUjH1qas1mto9_1280

Keep Dreaming Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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