Mineral Dragons

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

There is an artist on DeviantArt by the screen name Pythosblaze that created a series of dragon images that are based on mineral stones. They are absolutely gorgeous. Check out these dragons and the other art on Pythosblaze’s page. Write about one of these dragons or a few of them interacting. Or perhaps take inspiration from these dragons and create your own creatures based on minerals or something else that occurs in nature.

tumblr_ny0bsx4kSu1u1ofgwo1_500 tumblr_ny0bsx4kSu1u1ofgwo2_500 tumblr_ny0bsx4kSu1u1ofgwo3_500 tumblr_ny0bsx4kSu1u1ofgwo4_500 tumblr_ny0bsx4kSu1u1ofgwo5_500 tumblr_ny0bsx4kSu1u1ofgwo6_500 tumblr_ny0bsx4kSu1u1ofgwo7_500 tumblr_ny0bsx4kSu1u1ofgwo8_500 tumblr_ny0bsx4kSu1u1ofgwo9_500 tumblr_ny0bsx4kSu1u1ofgwo10_500

Keep Dreaming Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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