The Danger in Comparisons

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

Write a poem about why it is important not to compare yourself to other people. We all live with unique experiences and this makes it impossible for us to truly say that anyone should be just like someone else. While it is okay to admire others though it’s important to find that healthy line to draw before you start feeling like you don’t live up to the example they’re setting. Do you compare yourself to others? If so, in what way, physically, mentally, or maybe in your actions or accomplishments? How can you make sure that you’re not hurting your self-esteem with these comparisons?

Keep Dreaming Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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  1. I love this, is it ok to share on my facebook? I think it’s an important point to remind people of.

  2. Comparisons can be helpful but usually make us judgmental. We must learn to craft a self identity independent of what others are or are not or do or not do. But sometimes comparisons can lead us to making that self inventory which can be helpful.


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