Tattooed Ceramics

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

Scotland based artist Jessica Harrison takes the idea of ceramic figurines to new and unusual places.  In the pictures below she changes the expectations by giving the figurines a suicide girl look. Which plays on more modern idea of beauty. She also has a set that takes a gory twist changing the expected beauty into scenes of horror. You can see the horror ones but clicking the link above and check out her personal website for even more of her work. I love the way these pieces call into question the old standard of what beauty is. Take inspiration from Harrison’s figurines and write about something that your character finds beautiful despite it not fitting into conventional or old-fashioned concepts of beauty.

tumblr_nvlhjuYv991r9hn2oo1_540 tumblr_nvlhjuYv991r9hn2oo2_400 tumblr_nvlhjuYv991r9hn2oo3_400

Keep Dreaming Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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