Worry of Second Chances

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

I was in a bar last week and they were playing a very odd movie on their television. The movie was called Nightbreed and I don’t totally know what it’s about because I wasn’t able to hear the sound of the movie over all the other things going on in the bar. From just watching portions of it muted though it seemed like someone wrote down a nightmare and then edited it until it was a movie. Part of me wants to give it a chance and watch it in full with sound but I’m worried based on the parts that I watched that I’ll have the same experience of making fun of it with my friends even when we know what’s going on. People say all the time to give things a second chance but there is always that worry before a second chance. Write about your character’s worry over giving someone or something a second chance. What went wrong the first time? Has the person/thing earned this second chance in some way? Also here is the Nightbreed trailer so you can see what a big bag of weird it is. The trailer actually makes it look like it makes more sense.

Keep Dreaming Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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