View From The Sky

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

Write a scene that features a detailed description of where your character is. Bonus points if you can work in a view from above like in the pictures that I’ve attached on here. These are all places and views that would be a lot of fun to describe in your work if you want to use one of them. Think about the way that the design of this place works. How do the inhabitants work flow within the place.

  1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  2. The Kremlin, Moscow, Russia
  3. Central Park, New York, United States
  4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  5. Madrid, Spain
  6. Paris, France
  7. Santorini, Greece

tumblr_nsd63uPU3L1u6jismo1_540 tumblr_nsd63uPU3L1u6jismo2_540 tumblr_nsd63uPU3L1u6jismo3_540 tumblr_nsd63uPU3L1u6jismo6_540 tumblr_nsd63uPU3L1u6jismo8_540 tumblr_nsd63uPU3L1u6jismo9_540 tumblr_nsd63uPU3L1u6jismo10_540

Keep Dreaming Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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