Driving by Force of Will

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

You know that moment when you’re driving and there is a person coming up on a stop sign only they don’t look like they are gonna stop? In that moment I almost always say “stop” out loud. Now logically I know that they didn’t stop because I commanded it, but when I did that earlier today it made me think what if they had stopped because I commanded them to? As usual my brain took off on a weird path. What if we lived in a world where traffic was controlled by the force of our will. The person to stop in any situation wasn’t stopped by the “rules of the road” but because they weren’t as strong-willed as the other person. Car crashes would happen when two people of equal strength of will where trying to pass each other. It would probably be dangerous and very chaotic. Today write a world that has roads that works this way. Or in a way of your own imagining. Change the laws of traffic.

Keep Driving Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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