Change Is Gonna Come

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated this blog. Sorry about that, once again not keeping with the blog’s title. I really did need this time away though BTs. I had been losing steam in the posts with every new one I did. I went from writing fun and full entries to just posting videos and short explanations. But the weeks away made me realize that I needed to change things or just call it a day on this blog. So I’m choosing to change things. I realize that this could lead to some of you unsubscribing and I’ll be sad to see you go. Still for those that stay I hope you like the forthcoming changes.

Speaking of those changes, the main one will be to the focus of the blog. If you follow my Twitter and Tumblr you know that I’ve been concentrating more and more on creative writing. I’ve made the accounts for both sites into a means of helping to offer inspiration to other writers that, like me, want to make writing a daily habit. That is the same type of focus I’m going to be bringing to this blog as well. I will be adding a daily writing prompt starting today. My decision to change the focus doesn’t mean the end of my daily, shifting categories of music, art, fashion, theater, and books though. I’m going to continue finding new items in these categories to be the spark for many of my daily writing prompts. I hope that many of you will stay BTs, but for those that will not be sticking around I want to thank you for staying with me as long as you have. And as always…

Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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