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Hello Beautiful Thinkers,


I stole this from Buzzfeed but it was just too cute!

I’m switching up the order of things today. Normally Wednesday is my fashion day, but it I waited until Friday to write about this it would be halfway to the finish line. Today starts the 2014 TwitterFiction Festival! The Association of American Publishers and Penguin Random House have partnered to make the 12-16th an online event you won’t want to miss. There is a list of featured authors off the #1New York Times bestseller’s list that will be participating in the festival available on the official TwitterFiction Festival page. That the exciting part for avid readers. But the cool part for emerging authors is that there will be a group of publishers and editors that are Festival Entry Judges. To my understanding these judges will be watching the tweets that have #TwitterFiction attached for new talent. They’re decision are based “on creativity, unique use of Twitter functionality, and writing talent.” Now while I’m not sure what exactly becoming an official Festival participant means as far as the next few days are concerned, but it couldn’t hurt in the long run to have a group of professionals in the writing industry take notice of you. Either way the about section of the official page has some good tips to get you started with your TwitterFiction. Best of luck to all of you that plan to join the Festival.

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The Boy In The Heart Shades

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