It’s Going To Be A Grand New Album!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

all-american-boy-albumA few days ago Steve Grand released his third original song and music video “Back to California” on YouTube. I really like “All-American Boy” and “Stay” better but this video came with some exciting news at the end. Grand set up a Kickstarter to raise money for All-American Boy the album! That’s not even the most exciting part though, the album is already fully funded. All-American Boy managed to reach full funding in less than a day of being on Kickstarter, has since doubled the original funding goal, and still has the rest of the month to pull in funds. Hopefully this overflow of funds and fandom will inspire more Steve Grand to keep going past this album. Those that contribute are guaranteed quite a few goodies already including digital or physical copies of the album, t-shirts and various other swag, and even chances to meet Grand and have him play for them. Unfortunately I can’t afford to be one of the lucky ones to meet him so that he can go ahead and start falling in love with me but I will be getting the music which will hopefully continue to be inspiring to me. That digital download can’t come fast enough. Till then I’ll be enjoying the three songs he’s released so far.

Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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