Carrie Marathon

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

CarrieposterThis past weekend my sister and I sat down for a Carrie marathon. Neither of us had seen the original 1976 version all the way through. It seemed wrong to have known so many references in pop culture came from this movie without having seen it. So with the most recent remake on DVD now it was finally time to take on the classic film and its two reimagined films since. I haven’t read the book, though it’s now on my ever-growing list of things to read, so I don’t know which movie got closest to Stephen King’s story.

Chloe MoretzThere are of course scenes that are in all three movies, which makes me feel safe in assuming that they are in the book, like the period in the shower and bath after her rampage at the prom. Unsurprisingly the 2013 version of the film had the most vicious rampage probably because of the combination of the special effects and the fact that Chloë Grace Moretz’s Carrie seemed far more aware of the damage she was doing. I’d go as far as to say she was the first actress to portray the scene as a targeted murder spree rather than a trance of chaos and destruction. While I don’t know which is more accurate for the book, I know that this was the first time I felt more sympathy for the innocents Carrie attacked than Carrie herself. The thing that the 2013 version really did best was show us just how crazy Margaret White was, props to Julianne Moore for being my favorite crazy religious mother. All in all though every Carrie movie teaches one lesson: don’t pick on other people cause they just might go crazy and kill you with psychic powers at prom.

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