Literary Allusions in Fashion

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

I think that I’ve found the ultimate geek fashion for myself. Out of Print Clothing is an online store that sells products (mostly t-shirts) inspired by the covers of books. The other cool thing about Out of Print Clothing other than their products is their mission statement. They pledge that for each product sold they will donate a book to a community in need through their partnership with Books For Africa. Of course just about everything on the website is too expensive for poor people like me. I think I may be cursed to always have tastes just slightly too expensive for my bank account.  But I went ahead and made a list of everything I would buy if suddenly had a crap-ton of money to spend. And these pics are just the beginning of the story. (See what I did there wink wink.) Check out their site to see the full selection.


Poe-Ka Dots!

B-1013-2T B-1030-2T B-1034-2T B-1043-2T B-1048-2T B-1063-2T J-NECK-101-2T J-NECK-101-5T J-NECK-101-6T RECC-1004-2T RECC-1004-3T RECC-1009-2TTOTE-1015-2T TOTE-1015-3T

Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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