Reality Check Art!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,
My friend showed me this street art done by Daniel Soares that I think sends a great message. What he’s called “H&M Adbusting” is a cheeky way of giving us a healthy dose of reality. Soares added the Photoshop toolbar to many H&M posters for their bikinis, a reminder that even the model that was photographed doesn’t look as “perfect” as the advertisement does. And while I thinker there are probably other companies that could use this reality check just as much if not a little more, I think the message is a worthwhile one to promote. We need to stop comparing ourselves to an impossible standard of beauty. So before I start getting really preachy I’ll just say “you’re all beautiful to me” and let you check out Soares’ work.





Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,
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