Shaping the Body

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

I know that it isn’t shocking to have nudity in art anymore. It hasn’t been for a very long time, but the thing that did amazement me about Spencer Tunick’s work was the sheer mass of people involved. I’m talking thousands of people posing nude together for a photograph. Tunick didn’t start with such large groups. He took many photos of individuals always capturing a deeper meaning using the person and their surroundings. Still even with the success of that past work, looking at these pictures of large groups posing makes me realize how much art matters. It matters enough for people to volunteer to be naked next to or even touching complete strangers. It’s pretty cool to see people willing to be that vulnerable for another person’s art. And the way that Tunick makes us of his models in such mass is truly impressive. I think that the photo of the eye made out of people piled on top of each other is my favorite example of his ability to create something larger with so many individual parts.


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