Boy George’s New Album

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

I was just reading on Rolling Stone’s website that Boy George will be releasing his first full album of original songs since the 90s soon. According to the article the album This Is What I Do will be released March 25th but iTunes begs to differ. I went on to see if there was a single to sample and it turns out that the whole album is already available on there. I’m not sure if it’s been prematurely released on iTunes or if the article was misinformed. I guess it doesn’t change much either way.

I listened to the previews for each song and it definitely wasn’t my cup of tea. According to Boy George he was writing this album from a happier perspective than things he’s written in the past. I guess I only really enjoyed two or three songs from him in the past but many of these new tracks have a pop meets reggae sort of feel to me. Some how reggae and screamo are the only two genres of music that I can’t get into so the hints at the genre and the mention of God in more than half the previews have made This Is What I Do a skip for me. It’s really a shame because I like the idea of Boy George based on how he presents himself. I guess this is a case where I’ll have to try to separate the person from their work.

Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

PS Sorry I was so late with this one BTs.

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