Switching Perspectives Done Right

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

200px-AlexSanchez_RainbowBoysAfter a series full of war and revolution I needed something a little more relatable. (Side note this is specifically relatable to me as a gay man.) So I picked up Alex Sanchez’s Rainbow Boys series. So this is going to sound fickle after my complaint last week unless I explain it. Sanchez’s series is written from three switching perspectives. My problem with switching perspectives last week was specific to the fact that it wasn’t consistant throughout Roth’s full series. It is consistant for Sanchez though, all three books are written in the same style of switching back and forth between the three boys. Something that is done very well in this series. There was never a point when I was confused as to who’s side of the story I was getting. I think that this series is also a great example because despite the major differences in each of the characters I could relate to each of them in a different way. Major props to Alex Sanchez for creating such cool characters. Even if you’re not part of the LGBTQAlphabet soup community I think this is a pretty cool read.

photo-2Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

PS doesn’t that look sort of like Matt Bomer on furthest back on the cover?

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  1. Eli Glasman - Author (published and everything)

     /  January 24, 2014

    I LOVE Alex Sanchez. Well played.


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