My Top 5 Movies of 2013

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

Now that we are a respectible amount of time into 2014 I decided to pick my favorite movies of 2013. It took a while to narrow down but these five made my list every time that I made cuts from my original much longer list. So here we go, I’m gonna count down from five for no other reason than that I want too!

5) The Croods- Emma Stone’s best work of 2013 despite how completely fabulous she looked in Gangster Squad.


4) Frozen- I can’t stop listening to “Let It Go” and it just had an awesome cast overall. 


3) Now You See Me- Also an amazing cast but mostly for making magicians seem cool again.


2) Hunger Games: Catching Fire- This will probably be my favorite of the series! Plus Jennifer Lawrence is quickly winning the popularity contest of life.


1) Warm Bodies- This was my favorite retelling of Romeo & Juliet ever! Who would have thought that adding zombies to their lives would make it a happier story.


photoKeep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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