Scary Yarn People

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

These photos attracted me mostly by being kind of scary. I mean they are people made of yarn in different erotic positions, I can’t be the only one to find that both disturbing and fascinating at the same time. Shock value aside though they are pretty cool pictures. The photographer Giulio Rustichelli has some of them up in the still life section of his website. After looking at his other photographs, I think that Rustichelli has a gift for making colors really stand out in his photographs. If you like these pics you should really stop by his site.

tumblr_mzjshxv48J1rlaql2o1_500 tumblr_mzjshxv48J1rlaql2o2_500 tumblr_mzjshxv48J1rlaql2o3_500 tumblr_mzjshxv48J1rlaql2o4_500 tumblr_mzjshxv48J1rlaql2o5_500 tumblr_mzjshxv48J1rlaql2o6_500 tumblr_mzjshxv48J1rlaql2o7_500 tumblr_mzjshxv48J1rlaql2o8_500

photoKeep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

I didn’t have enough yarn-scarf to do my whole body :/

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