Praise for Frozen Soundtrack No. 1 on iTunes

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

Way to go Disney for getting the Frozen soundtrack to number one on iTunes! Let’s be real, the totally awesome cast and the fact that the company runs the world probably helped a lot getting the album there. But jokes of Disney’s world domination aside it really is a good soundtrack. I’m obsessed with the Idina Menzel song “Let it Go” and I am even being tolerant of the pop version they have because Demi Lovato is adorable. Considering the trainwrecks they’ve had with some of their pop covers that is high praise. It almost makes up for them letting the Jonas Brother’s cover “Poor Unfortunate Souls” on the most recent Little Mermaid Special Edition Soundtrack. And sorry Raven but no matter how awesome you are you can’t sing “Under the Sea” like Samuel E. Wright. Enough of me complaining about past soundtrack mistakes. You need to check out the “Let It Go” sequence from Frozen now and enjoy Idina Menzel knocking it out of the park.

photo-5Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shads

All white is the closest I can get to a “ice” look. I need some light blues.

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