Finding Creativity in Destruction

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

9780399168420_p0_v1_s260x420One of my Christmas gifts this year was a book set from Keri Smith. (I also finally got The Hunger Games Trilogy! I borrowed them when I read them the first time. But I have been wanting to reread them before the next movie comes out.) Let’s get back to Keri Smith’s books though. I’d seen Wreck This Journal, the first of the books in this set, a couple of times in stores but hadn’t really gotten around to checking it out. You know how it is when you have an ever growing list of things to read, you end up saying “meanta” a lot. Example: Oh yeah I totally meanta read that one but I’ve been caught up with this one story about a beanstock and an oger and a—That’s  nice. Mary! The baguettes! Hurry Up! (Yes BTs an endless list of books to read makes you quote Beauty and the Beast randomly because you think that you’re funnier than you actually are.)

wreck this journalAnyway I seem to have a touch of A.D.D. tonight. Sorry, I’ll try to stay on track. Actually my tangents are pretty appropriate for this collection of books or at least the first one. Wreck This Journal is all about finding your creativity in acts of destruction. (Not in a creepy murderous way like that one villian archetype of every cop show ever that thinks their kills are art.) Smith’s books encourage you to spill on them, tear them up, and swing them around on a string carelessly. I imagine if you followed the instructions from one page a day until you’ve made it through the whole book you’ll be able to skip your next few therapy sessions. Okay maybe not really, but as someone that gets irrationally angry at the mention of book burnings, there is something theraputic about a book that encourages you to destroy it. Wreck This Journal lets you embrace the destructive side of creativity and it feels good.

photo-2Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

Pair two of my new shades! Yes that a teal fade rim you see.

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