Neil Patrick Harris at Disney!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

I just got home from Watching Neil Patrick Harris read the story of the first Christmas with musuical accompaniment at Disney’s Epcot! It was fantastic. And not just because I have a bit of a crush on NPH. (Or because I had two margaritas. Don’t worry I didn’t drive.) It was just a great way to start the Christmas season. I tried to record the reading and music for you BTs and I’ll be posting it later if it came out well. I really hope it did. Sadly I was sitting too far back to get very good video, so for most of the performance I just have audio. I’ll be checking it out tonight and if its quality is as good as I hope than you’ll all get a taste of the experience. (Fingers Crossed!) For now I’m going to enjoy the rest of my margarita buzz. I hope your holiday seasons are starting off as well as mine.

Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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