Kickstart The Next Great C**K Hunt

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

454948527_640Hopefully you all remember my post about the web series Hunting Season a while back.  Well if you don’t, click here and read all about it!  Those of you that grew to love the series and have been eager for more will be excited to know that a second season is a possibility.  But right now the Hunting Season team needs help to get the second season off the ground.  So they’ve turned to the fans to help make it a reality through Kickstarter.  It doesn’t seem like such an unrealistic goal these days for a cult following to come together and make a project as big as this a reality.  The full funding of the Veronica Mars movie is a prime example of how well Kickstarter can work for bigger projects.  I just hope that this web series has gathered the necessary following to follow in VM’s rather impressive Kickstarter footsteps.  I’m sure by now you all know the deal with KS is full funding or none at all so it’s up to the fans not just to make their own kickstarter donation if they can but to spread the word to all their friends. (Hence what I’m doing right now.)

If you’re a newer follower of mine and you have never seen Hunting Season you should check it out.  You can watch all eight episodes of season one for free. (Sans nudity; you have to buy the downloads to watch naughty BTs 😉 If you love the show join me and the rest of its fans in making season two possible.

Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,
The Boy In The Heart Shades.

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