Peeling Back The Surface

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

I am still a little mystified by today’s artist.  His name is Robbie Rowlands and he has a series of photos on his site that freak me out in the best way possible.  In these pictures there are strips of the floor, walls, and ceiling being peeled away.  I don’t think that description really does justice to how cool these things actually are, I mean it looks as if he just walked into the room and started pulling a part of it away like he was peeling a banana. (That thought just got Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl” stuck in my head.) But this shit really is bananas.  There is this one where he’s peeled up a cross shape from the kitchen floor of a beach house and it’s my absolute favorite of the series.

His doesn’t stop at walls though.  In other series on his website he takes a lot of other objects and twists them to look like they’re misshapen.  There is a really cool one in the Fallen collection where he’s made a basketball hoop look like a support beam has gotten tired and fallen over.  I’ll put some of the cool wall peels up but you should really check out his other stuff when you have a moment.


Robbie_Rowlands___Surface_Tension____Merricks_Beach_House_Installation___2007 tumblr_mqg91iezGp1qe31lco1_1280 tumblr_mqg91iezGp1qe31lco2_1280 tumblr_mqg91iezGp1qe31lco3_500 tumblr_mqg91iezGp1qe31lco4_1280 tumblr_mqg91iezGp1qe31lco5_1280 tumblr_mqg91iezGp1qe31lco6_1280 tumblr_mqg91iezGp1qe31lco7_1280 tumblr_mqg91iezGp1qe31lco8_500 tumblr_mqg91iezGp1qe31lco9_1280 tumblr_mqg91iezGp1qe31lco10_1280

Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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