The Fifth Estate’s Secret Love Story

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,


“Secret Lovers! That’s what we are.”

I went with a friend to watch that movie about Wikileaks, The Fifth Estate, last week.  Now it’s probably just me projecting my sexuality onto the movie characters, but all I could think about through out the entire movie were the lyrics to that Atlantic Starr song, “Secret lovers that’s what we are!” Seriously, at the beginning there was some hardcore bromancing going on between these web geeks.  The one pursues the other at first because he “does really awesome work.” (Code for: has a super sexy brain.) Then later in the movie sexy brain totally interrupts a moment between nerd two and his girlfriend.  He seems completely clueless that he’s breaking up sexy time but I think we all know that he’s now obsessed with his new geek-tastic partner and doesn’t want to see him with that slut. “Secret lovers!”


Since he was hardly in the movie I’ve given his sexiness some much deserved extra attention here.

But of course because they never bang each other they start taking out their sexual frustration by arguing about the website.  Eventually they can’t see eye to eye anymore because they couldn’t be open about how much they wanted to do each other.  Okay, so that was my twisted homoerotic version of what happened, but my friend (who had to do some actual research into the events that inspired the film) informed me that the movie was pretty much fiction after a certain point anyway.  If you’re looking for the truth, the movie isn’t that much more accurate than the over-simplified dirty version I just wrote out for you.  On the brightside, Stanley Tucci is featured in the last thirty minutes of the movie so it isn’t a total loss because we get to enjoy Tucci’s sexy baldness for a little while.

Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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