TOMS Marketplace: Online Shopping for Charity!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

TOMS Marketplace-660Today I learned about a website for all of you cause-obsessed online shopaholics: now you can embrace both your online shopping addiction and your favorite causes at the same time!  I’m sure you all have heard of TOMS brand shoes, they were super popular for a while because you got to feel like you were doing a good deed while shopping.  Well the founder of the TOMS shoe, Blake Mycoskie, took his love for cause-powered shopping to the next level by creating TOMS Marketplace.  As the name implies, the website brings together many different venders to form a virtual marketplace.  The thing that makes this one special is that no matter what you buy you are helping support a cause.  If you like the idea of supporting a specific cause, TOMS Marketplace allows you to select which one you want to support and then shows you the products and companies that are available for that specification.  You can also shop by Region and Brand, which is great if you already know where or whom you want your money going to.  For the moment there are six cause categories to choose from: children, education, health, job creation, nutrition, or water.  It’s certainly a good start but I think that human rights would be a good addition to that list.

toms-mktplace_0Now that I’ve talked it up I’m going to be kind of a bitch.  You definitely have to want to give back to the community if you’re going to shop on TOMS Marketplace.  I mean, $150 for a scarf?  Really?  I know there are people that pay more than that for big time brand names but those people are probably not worried about getting a scarf or anything but a tax break for their charity.  There are a few brands like Movember (supports men’s health) that are more reasonably priced.  $30 may still be a bit pricy for a t-shirt but at least you get the satisfaction of knowing that some day men won’t get cancer anymore because you bought that shirt.  I guess it’s up to you how you think of it.  Is it $418 for a weekend bag or is it a $418 donation that gets you a weekend bag as a show of gratitude?

Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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