Pinterest Conquers Craft Fairs

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,


Oviedo is know for the fact that we have chickens that walk the streets. Hence the chicken logo.

So I tweeted earlier that I was at an event called Great Day in the Country. Unless you live in Oviedo, FL I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t know what that is. It breaks down to be a craft fair; you can buy homemade products from booths for slightly inflated prices. That’s the price of knowing that something is homemade without actually having to make it in your own home. Don’t worry BTs this isn’t another rant about how I’m too poor to afford things. There wasn’t anything there that really impressed me. Last year when I went there were items that were original and well thought out. But this year I felt like it had lost all the cool crafters.

I said it jokingly to my family as we were walking around that this year was like a bunch of people decided to try to make a living off Pinterest projects. The thing is there was more than a little true to this joke. Pinterest has taken over the crafting world and I’m sorry if you’re a Pin lovers and you find this offensive but Pinterest is ruining craft fairs. There is no reason for them to have seven booths selling tutus. And with Pinterest making these crafts seem easier to make do these seven tutu venders really think they’re going to make the money they want to when half the customers are probably thinking “oh I pinned that last week I’ll have to get around to making it.” It’s probably time to step up your game pre-Pinterest crafters because you territory is being invaded.

Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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