Fun in Furs

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

With winter just around the corner it couldn’t be a better time to jump on board the fur bandwagon.  I’ve thought about the issue of fur and the cruelty of it, but honestly, if those videos that PETA made to try converting people to vegetarianism had no sway on my love for eating meat, I doubt that it would faze me to know my coat came from bunnies.  My only hang up keeping me from buying faux fur over the real stuff is price.  But whether you’re buying faux like me or skinning the animals yourself, there seems to be no shortage of fur looks this season.  Hell, I even saw a couple of fur vest options in the children’s clothing section of target, you know, for when your three year old really wants to look like Ke$ha.  I can’t judge though; I’d totally dress any babies in my life as little grungy pop stars if for no other reason than because I love shopping for clothes.  I seem to have gotten a little off topic so I’ll cut to the chase and post all the pics I’ve found of fantastic fur looks and furry fails below.


Furry hat! Furry dress! Furry purse! All you need is furry shoes.


Love it! Hate it! Love it!


Just taking my coat for a walk.


I don’t know why I love this so much but I do!


“I made this coat out of a bear”


Don’t you love my skunk coat?


Sarcasm on hold. This is my favorite




“I just roll out of bed looking likt this.”


I actually hate this coat but I’m liking what’s under it.


Third one looks like a Wookie dress


Probably the easiest to to find!


“My arms are so much warmer than the rest of me.”

Genny - Milan February 2013

“This is actually a blanket but I make it look like a cape.”


Love me some fur collars


The first one’s eyebrows scare me but I think they kind of go with his coat.


“These are the pelts of all the animals my dog has caught for me.”


Kinda love the cowboy in winter look!


First two and fourth I’d totally wear the whole outfit.

Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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