Scary, Cool Mannequin Art

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

This week I’ve been checking out an artist by the name of Mark Jenkins.  His art seems to make a lot of use out of mannequins and would probably freak out one of my good friends, as well as anyone else that has a case of Pediophobia. (Don’t scroll down if you’re reading this my dear it’s the stuff of nightmares for you.) Everyone else though, check out all the crazy cool photos of his strangely posed mannequin art below.  They range from comical like the mascot that seems to have been conquered by a baby to scary like the man with no eyes holding a baseball bat to downright emotionally scarring like the girl that has been shoved into her locker.

The pics I’ve posted below are only a fraction of the different things that Jenkins has done in this style. On his website he has broken the photos into four groups: City, Storker Project, Nature, and Inside.  The pictures below are from the Inside section of the site.  If I had posted all the pics that I found interesting on the site this post would probably go on for way to long, but I strongly encourage you to check out his site when you have a chance BTs.  The City and Nature sections have a lot of great stuff and while I didn’t care as much for the Storker Project personally; I’m sure that some of you will find an appreciation for it.  Once you’ve clicked the mannequin baby you can navigate his sections with the different items at the top of the page.  Don’t waste anymore time!  Go enjoy the strange wonder of Mark Jenkins.

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