“Insomnia” And Other Works From Brian DeYoung

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,



My Tumblr feed has struck again as the inspiration for today’s post.  Brian DeYoung’s “Insomnia” is absolutely brilliant!  He takes a basic concept like sleep and uses illustrations of technology to capture the feeling of being unable to “recharge” after a long day.  DeYoung writes on his site, “I think it was only fitting to stay up until 4:05am to finish this,” which makes me love it even more.  If I had any idea where I would put it and I wasn’t trying to conserve money right now, a print of this piece would already be ordered and on it’s way to me.  “Insomnia” is my favorite, but it certainly isn’t this artist’s only fabulous design.  He also has some great political and satirical pieces available too.  Check out his online store for a variety of products with his artwork printed on them, from stretched canvases and stationery cards to iPhone cases and laptop skins.


“Finding Yourself”




“Coastal Pollution”



Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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  1. Great earth issues art


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