AWP 2014 in Seattle!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

AWP-logoFor all you writers out there is a ticking clock that some of you might be interested in.  The Association of Writers & Writing Programs, AWP for short, has an annual conference and the deadline for their early bird registration is almost over.  On October 31st the price of registration will begin jumping up for most people.  Of course, there is still the time of preregistration up until January 22nd before the price really jumps.  But that first jump can be as much as a $20 difference.  So get registered while it’s still at its cheapest!

The conference itself isn’t until February 26th-March 1st.  This year it’s going to be held in Seattle, WA.  For many of us that means a nice vacation and a chance to learn from professionals in the writing industry all rolled into one.  The conference is also a chance to check out literary magazines from all over the country and speak to their representatives in person instead of via a rejection letter.  If you’re looking for inspiration and information on the writing and publishing world, think of it as your one stop spot to shop.  I’m already registered and counting the days like a giant geek!

Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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