I’m Now A Sex And The City Convert

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

sex_and_the_city_011A friend of mine was recently baffled by the fact that I had never watched Sex and the City.  After she finished picking her jaw back up off the floor she began singing the praises of the HBO show that was so beloved it got not one but two movies made after it ended.  And so because I trust this friend’s opinion and she happened to lend me the DVDs, I’ve started my journey to educate myself on this pop culture phenomenon.  I’m about two seasons in and I’ve reached three conclusions.  The first is that my friend really does know me and will continue to hold my respect for her opinion on films. (Kudos and love my friend.) The second conclusion I came to is that I want half the jackets and coats that the main character Carrie wears in the episodes I’ve seen so far.  The last thing I’ve deduced from watching is that “sexy” isn’t always a cross-generational thing.  I feel the sexy that comes from fashion is something that shifts through the generations.

samantha-jones-sex-and-the-cityI still have much more to get through in the adventures of Carrie Bradshaw, but so far I think that my favorite character is Samantha.  There’s just something fantastic about that much confidence in one person.  If any of you have yet to be converted to the SatC cult, you should join me as the most recent convert and enjoy the madness of these four ladies as they take on New York looking for love.

Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades


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