Art You Can Eat!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

Photographer Sara Anne Ward has been capturing the attention and imagination of the masses lately with a recent project she calls Dessert Art.  Ward uses sweet edible products to make food that parodies the work of world famous artists like Jackson Pollock and Piet Mondrain.  While she makes these desserts to photograph them, I can’t help but think it would be fun to make them as some of the most interesting desserts an art gallery event has served.  For now she’s only made seven of them, but according to a recent interview, food and photo fans can expect more of this style including parodies of the work of Salvador Dali and Cindy Sherman.  Cool as they look, Ward assures people that they are still edible and that she and her collaborators enjoy eating them after each photo shoot is over.  All in all it seem like Ward has found a pretty cool way feed her stomach and career at the same time.

58bb7fd6-2db7-4c6d-a88b-d4243a027593_SarahAnneWard_Koons 290dac3d-16f5-4850-b9ec-451e5b8c02d4_SarahAnneWard_Pollock 0861bff4-f242-4642-899b-d9a0fe8c9ae1_SarahAnneWard_Braque bbf63dc1-81f3-4562-a091-48dc6cebb5b1_SarahAnneWard_Seurat d0adc15c-9f73-411a-82e6-6cc3c6d11608_SarahAnneWard_Mondrian eac43024-e7ca-4ee7-8d09-a4643f70105d_SarahAnneWard_Rothko eadcee1e-8a8c-41c4-889d-d9c0ff34d300_SarahAnneWard_Hirst

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