HAIM Walking “The Wire” Toward Fame

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

2012HaimPR050412I’ve found that downloading the iTunes free single of the week often gets me a song just before it starts getting mainstream attention. Ed Sheeran’s “The A Team” was a single of the week five seconds before everyone developed momentary insanity and started loving it when it hit the radio.  Imagine Dragons is another great example: it seemed that “Radioactive” started popping up everywhere right after they were the single of the week.  Another artist I’ve been hearing a lot about lately, HAIM (it’s spelled in all caps on iTunes, but I’m not sure if it matters to the group), fits the pattern as well.  They released their song “The Wire” as an iTunes free single, and the next thing I knew I’m hearing their song on Fuze alongside interviews.

HAIM-Days-Are-GoneOf course, the single of the week isn’t an exact science, but rather a hit-or-miss situation.  Still, it’s a free song every week and in HAIM’s case “The Wire” was a good one.  Plus it was a great preview of the quality and style of music that fans and new listeners can expect to hear on the album they released last week, Days Are Gone.  I don’t see the trio getting as big as Lorde, who has the current free single slot for a song off her recently released album Pure Heroine.  But I can definitely see HAIM gaining a respectable and loyal following from this new album.


Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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