Getting to Know Your Characters

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

51M+9GETR3LSomething that is often stressed when you study creative writing (despite how obvious it sounds) is that you should know your characters.  It can be as simple as knowing their motivations or as complicated as knowing the symptoms of a disease that they have; either way, it’s important.  This isn’t just so that you can know what your character’s next move is, but so that you know that your audience will actually believe the character is worth their time.  Anyway, I found an interesting source book that will help to create more convincing characters.  The Writer’s Guide to Character Traits is good for small character quirks and major psychological issues alike.

The book is a great guide for first-time writers to learn what they should know about the characters they’re creating, even if it’s a detail that’s not going to make it into the story.  It’s also great as a starting point for a more experienced writer before they begin doing more in-depth research.  There’s nothing worse than doing hours of googling and reading only to realize that you’ve wasted your time looking up behavior or personality traits that don’t fit your character at all.  Save the random excessive research for when you’re in a “knowledge for knowledge’s sake” sort of mood.  Let The Writer’s Guide to Character Traits be your new best friend.

Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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