Are They Really Out Of The Family Business?

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

thefamily_posterRobert De Niro is back doing what he does best: playing the slightly scary but some how loveable gangster in his newest movie The Family.  This time around our gangster protagonist and his family are in witness protection because they’ve turned their backs on the rest of the crime family.  Of course as we all know, old habits die hard and it’s not easy for the Manzoni family to leave behind their gangster ways and embrace their cover as the Blake family.  It’s not long before they are each getting themselves into trouble in their own ways around Normandy, France.

Michele Pfeifer The FamilyThe Family is a great combination of comedy and action, leaning slightly more towards the comical, as even some of the violent action scenes are played off in a funny manner. *Spoilers* My favorite example of this is when Michelle Pfeiffer blows up the grocery store for not having peanut butter, and making fun of her in French for wanting peanut butter in the first place.  In fact, Michelle Pfeiffer plays my favorite character in this movie, showing us that a mother is a mother even in a gangster family.  My only complaint is for Dianna Agron’s character, the daughter Belle, who contemplates a rooftop leap near the end of the film.  The action just didn’t seem to fit the character in my opinion. *Spoilers over* Anyway, if you miss the chance to see this one in theaters it’s definitely worth a rental or on demand purchase.

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