Heart Shades Rock

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

So I know that I’m not the first person to wear heart shaped sunglasses, and just because they’re my signature thing on here doesn’t mean I get all crazy when I see them out in the world.  But when I saw them in one of those Moto X “lazy phone” commercials I just couldn’t stop myself from thinking that I am the coolest.  Seriously though BTs, the heart shades are going around.  It seems like every pop star has a pair so jump on board before they fall out of popularity and I’m the only one wearing them again besides five year olds.  I think my favorite pair that I’ve seen on a celebrity so far has to be Bonnie McKee’s American flag pair.  The FULL TILT Luv Heart American Flag Sunglasses can be found online pretty easily now, as can so many other less specific heart-shaped shades.  Tilly’s was the first place I came across online that had them, but eBay won out for me with a cheaper shipping price.  Still, if you’re looking for more from the FULL TILT brand, Tilly’s has a great 2 for $15 deal for many of their sunglasses online.

bonnie-mckee-and-full-tilt-luv-heart-american-flag-sunglasses-gallery 66420_10150779360238523_1752156247_ndrew-barrymore-660 ladygaganoveltysunglassesoversizedsunglasseslady-gaga-wears-heart-shaped-sunglasses-and-shows-off-her-eccentric-style-after-performing-during-the-opening-night-of-the-cannes-film-f maxresdefault

Keep Learning Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades


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